Hide chrome extension while screen share

Sanskar Tiwari / March 3, 2022

Hide content on screen while screen share or recording

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While screen sharing has ever wanted to hide the chrome extension you use? In this video, I will show you how to hide extensions on chrome brave on any other browser during screen sharing.

For this first, we need, with blurscreen app you can draw a rectangle on the screen and it will hide whatever is behind that rectangle

So you can start blurscreen app by either clicking on the menu icon or shortcut key, the shortcut key to start blurscren app can be changed via preferences according to your preference.

Now as blurscren app is running just draw a rectangle above the icons and then press esc.

That is all

And now if you present your screen via any app be it zoom, loom, or google meet these extensions will be blurred out.

Not only extension you can bluranything on your screen with blurscreen app and if you want to hide stuff on web checkout

Tip: In confrese doing screen sharing can be tough, we always have to worry what might be visible and no way to hide. To solve that problem i have build following application which you must checkout

  • Blurweb App: It helps hide anything on webpage with single click, hide a sepecific text segment, or just draw a rectangle and it will hide what ever below it while sticking at the same place
  • BlurScreen App: It helps hide anything on screen just draw a rectangle and it will hide what ever below it while sticking at the same place
  • QuickPresent App: Single click worry free screenshare, this hides the app icons, changes wallpaper, turn of notification and more..

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