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Blur anything on screen

Blur sensitive data instantly anywhere on screen, while recording or screen sharing. No post editing required

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It's crazy that such an important little utensil didn't see the light of day sooner, now that I have it (coupled with the blurweb.app extension) I can't do without it, I take screencasts every day, whether it's describing bugs or doing a tutorial and it's reassuring to be able to blur certain parts of what is displayed, and what it is even more, is that Sanskar, its developer, takes care of its customers, so go ahead and buy this app if your privacy is important to you!

Here's how BlurScreen App works

Paint Blur on Screen

Draw blur rectangle anywhere on screen and hide sensitive info instantly .

Shortcuts & Controls

Just press the shortcut keys and star blurring the screen or remove it all. You can also customize the shortcut keys as per your liking.

Get started with BlurScreen App

Install Extension

Download and Install blurscreen app based on your operating system

Enter Licensekey

Grab one license and after install just enter license key with email.

Start Using

That's all start using BlurScreen App App. Hide stuff anywhere on screen

Buy it once and love it forever

Have a peace of mind when screen sharing & save time for post production blur with blurscreen.app

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$29 34% off



  • Includes one year of updates
  • 1 Active device
  • Works with Zoom, Loom & Google Meet, Berrycast & More...
  • Email Support
  • Available for Mac
  • BlurScreen for Windows (coming soon)
  • 7 day No questions asked refund policy

$147 34% off


  • Includes one year of updates
  • 10 Active devices
  • Works with Zoom, Loom & Google Meet, Berrycast & More...
  • Email Support
  • Available for Mac
  • BlurScreen for Windows (coming soon)
  • 7 day No questions asked refund policy

What our customers say

Rated 4.9/5 based on 5 customer reviews.

Simple And Fast to use, In a nutshell what this simple app does (it lives in your Mac launchbar) is to allow you to blur out any area of your screen that might contain information you do not wish to share.

It is the best I've found at doing what it does, and if you have this need than I would highly recommend it.

Dean Lind review blurscreen app

Sanskar Tiwari's excellent app BlurWeb now has a sibling called BlurScreen, which lets you blur anything on your screen before you record a screenshot or video.

Quick and easy to use, this affordable and simple app is an essential tool for anyone who shares content using screenshots or videos of their screen containing sensitive information and/or identifiable faces or places. Sanskar responds quickly to queries and is very helpful. Highly recommended.

pspbiz review blurweb app

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlurScreen App Right for me?

Yes, If you are doing screen share it can be for creating content, online meeting, live session, creating course and more. Then today or tommorow you will like to hide stuff that you rather not share.

Does BlurScreen App see my Screen Share?

No, BlurScreen Just hides it for other apps it does not have access to any of your screen share info.

Does it work with zoom, loom and more?

Whether you are doing screen share with loom, zoom, google meet, Berrycast, or any other app/tool blurscreen will work for you. If you have any trouble just send a mail to sanskar@blurscreen.app

What if it is not right for me?

No problem! Just email us at sanskar@blurscreen.app and we'll refund you, no question asked

How does active devices work?

Each license is limited simultaneous activations on device or multiple - which can be easily deactivated and activated again by yourself on blurscreen.app/my-account anytime.

Can you please explain permissions and how you are keeping user data secure?

We do not store any data , BlurScreen do not have access to your screenshare.

Does it blur the URL bar?

Yes, you can blur anything on screen, url bar, folders, menu icons anything.

How does license work?

The license is a perpetual license. One license key allows you to use the app indefinitely. You are also eligible for one year of free updates. If you don't want to renew your license after one year, you can continue to use the last version of DevUtils that you have for as long as you want. You can renew your license here with a 40% discount for another year of updates.

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